Friday, April 16, 2010

Maha India!!

in the hippy hills of Rishikesh...made famous the Beatles journey over here years ago!
Its gorgeous! Staying at the lovely Hotel the foothills of the Hymalays! Beautiful blue pool, trees blowing in the breeze and nice cute little Indian boys at my beck and call. I am learning hindi from them and they are learning english from me. I already taught them Boomer Sooner, Bow Howdy and I love America's Gypsy!

After a 12 hour bus ride from Delhi to Haridwar...where a woman through a rock at our van and broke the whole were were stranded in the streets while our bus driver and guide argued with the people in the streets...a nice way to start the trip. But once we landed in of the holiest cities in India...we were in bliss! The Kumbha Mela...look that up! over 10 million indians were there and probably 100 westeners. it was wild! I  was blessed by holy men and women on floats on their way to bathe in the Ganga ...the holy ganges river. It was like combining the Gay Pride Parade with Texas vs OU adding a Rolling Stones concert circa 1975 then maybe a Yankee's world series game but all along a holy river tinted with green light, and thousands of temples where the holiest men and women sit and chant to lord krishna, vishnu, and all the other beautiful vedic dieties! then millions of pilgrims from all over dressed in their finest tribal clothes, huge turbons of reds and yellows, flowing saris of greens and gold and almost all with no shoes, bags balancing on their head and smiles~ for they are heading to their favorite place...the Ganga!

We bathed in it to and it was so special. on the day we bathed it is supposedly the most holy of all days when lord vishnu passed the city having beaten the demons and he dropped holy necter-amrit- in the river. it was sooo holy! and I was dressed all in white with my head covered and people thought I was a saint.
Then the bands came by and i started to dance a little and then out of a HUGE crowd a woman decked out in INdian garb came and pulled me in with her...into the middle of the procession with thousands of people around clapping and waving their hands in the air- Bangra style! I kicked off my shoes and started to dance the bangra with a little belly dance...but since this is a holy festival...i did not move my hips as much as I would normally. i kept the Yalla Yalla for later.

every woman came up to me and hugged me and i was in constant pranam- which is my hands in front of my heart for NAMASTE- to everyone and everyone to me. THey saw ME for who I am and all my radiance within! It was like nothing I had ever experienced bc they were doing this to ME...specifially me...for they do not do this to everyone...or really, anyone.
As my yoga teacher Mark Whitwell said with tears in his eyes...they see your true Shakti- which is like angelic ignighting force of life- that comes out and spreads to ALL! WOW
 but it was over 100 degrees- and I was in a hut with 5 other women.
sooo dusty, so louds...constant horns and whistles
but also muddled with the sounds of hari krishna, gopala and Hari Hari Maha Dev!
it was dirty....
people shitting anywhere they please...but that is how they do it here...its survival, its animalist and not that big of a deal.
food has been heavy and sparce
we eat a breakfast and then huge dinner of breads and spicey lentils...true indian food bc we are in dry cities- no meat and no alchohol- but still its so good....tasty....and satisfying. Its not about the food here...its about the Bhav!
today i am in the hotel which is so nice and had a fuill body ayrvedic massage for only 20 dollars. its so cheap here- I made friends with Geeta, who gave me the massage and she is taking me to get henna done!
I was almost attacked by monkeys and am doing constat yoga and kirtan with Shyam Das.

india is truely in my heart and i am so glad i am here - finally! my soul has been yearning for it for years and many centuries!
I am learning so much about my SELF< my path, my purpose my power and am so gratefull for it all
Now I know that America's Gypsy is truely blessed and will truely bless others! I have never been more confident about it manifesting into its highest place in our world! Thank you all for being in my life and living my life with me bc you are right here in my India!
Om Namah Shivaya

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