Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On the Road with America's Gypsy

Hula Lovin'

Monday, September 13, 2010

On the Road to Idylwild

 The sweet gardener Chilo in Palm Desert
 Road Runners are everywhere in the desert! so cute and so much like the cartoon :)
 Driving from Palm Desert to Idylwild is delicious! It takes about an hour and its just you, the road, the mountains and the divine! amazing drive!

 California Highway 74
 ...Nestled in the San Jacinto mountains

 Gopala! Jai Cows!!! Its good to be a vegetarian :) these sweet cows are our friends!

 amazing sunsets!
 nature...cacti...colors...divinity in our homeland!

 Cresent Moon! Chandrama
America's Gypsy loves Southern California! Nature at its finest :)

Bhakti Fest 2010

 Bhakti Fest ROCKS! A 4 day festival in the desert of Joshua Tree...about 2 hours from LA!
Created by Sridar Silberfein, this is the 2nd year of this celebration and so far its been so much fun!

Bhakti means Devotion in its a 4-day ‘Devotion’ fest filled with Yoga, Chanting, Dancing, Music, Lectures, workshops and so much celebration!
 America's Gypsy rocked out to the Bhav in the Desert of Joshua Tree in Southern California!

the best dates in America come from Southern California! delicious!!!!
 ...delicious organic food!!

This is Howard Wills doing some healing. POWERFUL!

 Gypsies Unite!!

 ...amazing rocking Kirtan music- like Joey Lugassy, Krishna Das, MoMo Loudiyi, Shyam Das...

 I am a sucker for Chivalry :) Thanks Damien for helping me set up my tent!

 camping under the stars! amazing!

lush and historic Joshua Tree- about an hour and a half from LA. Humans have occupied the area for at least 5,000 years. The first group being the Pinto Culture...

The Joshua tree, the parks namesake, is a member of the Agave family and American Indians recognized the flora and fauna of the land for its useful properties: tough leaves made into baskets and sandals, and flower buds and roasted seeds made a healthy addition to the diet.
And now a bunch of happy hippies dance and sing on this ancient earth! Hari Om!

 So many wonderful people! You were so sweet Seth...thank you for being my angel at Bhakti Fest1
 Vapor Brothers!!! oh yeah :)
hope to see you there next year!!