Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Day in India

First of all, I love Air India! I had the whole row to I could stretch out and jam to Bollywood music and movies the whole time....which I did. Then 3 meals of delicious vegetarian indian food and hot puri's...delish!
Then I was picked up in Delhi by Malik Muhammad, a friend of a friend who is from Kashmir. He was a fabulous tour guide...showing me the ins and outs of Delhi in a rickshaw. Dusty flying everywhere going along with the sounds of Mulsim Minarets, Hare Krishna temples and singing Sikh's and constantly being interrupted by the sounds of horns. In India you must honk...on the back of cars it says HORN PLEASE! I got used to it after a while and having been to Delhi...Ramses BLVD in Cairo is NOTHING compared to this! We finished the night at the Shrine ofNizamuddin Auliya- the famous Sufi Saint.
The area of Delhi is called Nizamuddin and is mostly muslims. Tiny little streets filled with buggies, carsts of hot food, qur'ans, rose petals, men in white kaftans and only a few women fully covered. We walked up to the shrine and I made a wish. Malik ripped off a piece of my shawl and tied it inside the shrine (bc i could not go in being a woman). If my wish comes true then I must return and donate money to the poor...which I will happily do.
Now off to Rishikesh and then 3 days camping at the Kumbha Mela in Haridwar!
Om Shanti and yalla yalla yee ha! 

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