Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Blizzard Got Us to the Emirates Palace

Christmas Day in Oklahoma... my mom and I are in our nightgowns watching the news cover the blizzard that hit the North East.
I am supposed to fly to NYC the next day which is right into the eye of the storm ...on my way to the United Arab Emirites... but-  all of the airports are closed in NYC!

I have been planning this trip with my best girlfriend Joslyn for months... where we Jet Set our way from NYC to Oklahoma then Abu Dhabi to Goa, India and ending in Dubai before I return to NYC.
Joslyn and I travel so well together because we both have a joie de vivre for culture and craziness! Thank God for Dr. Joe (Joslyn's Dad) is all I have to say. He and Joslyn were up till the wee hours of the morning re-routing our trip to the UAE via Chicago instead of the NYC.
So off we went...Gypsy Style!

A nice 6 hour layover in the VIP lounge...where I spent my time practicing yoga on the floor before helping myself to the wine at the free mini bar. We boarded the plane, had some more wine, some Emirati food and watched Eat, Pray Love (Again bc I LOVE that movie) as we flew across the world.

Landing in Abu Dhabi, I was greeted by Sheiks and shishas...and a nice warm breeze.  Abu Dhabi (“Father of the Gazelle” in Arabic) is the capital and the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast and is filled with expensive hotels, developing high rises and expats.
This is a Gold ATM...where you can buy gold pendants and coins by just a swipe of the credit card! I was tempted... but was already wearing my gold bling necklace my mom gave me.

Midnight (UAE time ),only a few hours after we arrived from the airport, Joslyn and I got all dressed up and headed over to the Emirates Palace: the 7 star palace hotel that is the hub for Royality and all the wealthy people from around the world. 

Joslyn's boyfriend is the manager at one of the fancy shpancy restaurants there and he invited us to join him for drinks. He is such a sweet heart! 

This is a 12 MILLION dollar Christmas Tree in the middle of the Emirates Palace. It is decorated with gold and jewels...beautiful but an absolute waste of money, in my opinion!

After a few bottles of champagne... we headed to Etoiles, the hot night club inside the palace. It was just like any other posh night club any where in the world; filled with women in tight dresses and high heels, predator men with bling bling and all american hip hop and pop music. Luckily they played some Arabic music and Joslyn and I ruled the dance floor, as always...yalla yalla!

This is the Emirati Michael Jackson breaking it down in the club. And to the right we have ex-pats grooving to The Electric Slide! LOL

Coming home at 3 am... it was a nice welcome to the UAE! Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Welcome in Arabic)

Tonight Joslyn and I are headed to Goa, India where we will welcome in the New Year... basking in the Bhav!
I have no idea where we are staying or who we are is going to be revealed to us when we meet with Joslyn's friends friends.... but I know that it will be a wild and crazy and amazing next few days!Happy New Year Everyone! I affirm that 2011 will be all of OUR best Year EVER!!!
Health Wealth and LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE!!!!