Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Another Day at the Nude Beach

At 10 am I woke up and thought..."Hey, I want to go to the beach today"! My commercial shoot got postponed for the following week so I didn't have any plans for the day or was a hot sunny summer day in Manhattan...why not get out of town and go to the beach??

Manhattan I know...but the outskirts...I don't. So I did quick research online and found out that Sandy Hook Beach is the best beach and its a fun fast ferry ride away.

So I jumped in a cab...spoke Arabic and talked politics with the Egyptian cabbie on my way over to the East Side to get on the Sea Ferry...heading to the Jerzey shore :)

There was already a line of people ready to board and we all gathered on the boat decks and took off to sea.

Arriving at Sandy Hook: which is actually a very historic part of Jersey...old Army barracks that surround the oldest lighthouse in the country.

But I wasn't here for history, I was here for the beach.

There were 2 buses that were being loaded up by people from the ferry. I asked some guys next to me..."Which bus goes to the beach"? They said, "Both".  So I just got on the green bus instead of the yellow. Little did I know...that bus dropped me off at a 'special' beach.

We all walked along the boardwalk toward the sea and slowly but surely I started to see less and less color and more and more skin! After having 2 smiling men holding hands prance by me giggling...I realized I was in the heart of a nude beach!

So being America's Gypsy...I had to fit in...
so off went my top (and that's it!)

At least I didn't get any tan lines :)

A few hours passed and I knew I had to head back to the bus that takes me to the ferry...but I remembered that the ferry only takes cash and I only had 3 dollar bills left!
I searched everywhere on the beach for an ATM but not such luck. So I asked someone who sold beer on the boardwalk and they said I have to go to the other beach to get to an ATM. "Ok, how can I get there?" He said..." uh...walk or get a ride...its a few miles thataway"

So...being the Gypsy...I walked to the street, stuck out my thumb and waved down the state trooper. With my Oklahoma accent I asked if they could drive me to the other beach? They said, "But of course ma'am. But we need to check in your purse to make sure you don't have any weapons." They searched me and found that I was safe and loaded me in the back of the squad car. 

I arrived at the "other' beach and got my money, met a nice young man who offered to buy me a few drinks and we had a fabulous time at the beach bar talking about spirit, traveling, life and love.
The sun was setting and my bus was arriving ready to take me back to the ferry to head back to NYC!

Making friends, getting tan and seeing naked about a perfect day!

I give Sandy Hook beach in Jersey the GYPSY seal of approval!

l'chaim to Sandy Hook!

So go out and explore what is around your city never know what 'jewels' you will pun intended!