Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Four Fools in the Cave

The Four Fools in the Cave 
By Osho
Four persons decided to go into silence. They moved into a cave; they wanted to live in silence for three months, because they had heard so much about it -- they had become so much intrigued. They were so ambitious to gain something out of it. It was not understanding that had brought them to the cave. It was greed, it was desire, ambition.
Hence within minutes everything was exposed. Just within minutes the first man said, "I wonder whether I have put the candle out or not? It will be a sheer wastage, there is nobody in the house."
The second one said, "You fool! You have spoken! And we have taken the vow of silence."
The third one laughed and said, "You are a greater fool! If he had spoken, what was the need for you to speak?"
And the fourth one said, "Thank God, I am the only one who has not spoken yet."

Just by being silent nothing changes, you remain the same. Transformation comes through awareness. Awareness brings a silence of its own, very alive, throbbing with eternity, full of a song. It is not sad and not serious because it is not dead, it has a dance to it. It is tremendously beautiful, it is positive, existential. It does not make you just a hollow thing. It makes you so full that you start overflowing with joy. You become so fulfilled that you cannot contain your contentment within yourself, you have to share it. You become a cloud full of rainwater. You have to shower it. ~Osho

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