Monday, January 11, 2010

A Taste of Ethiopia in NYC

Have you ever wanted to straddle a wooden horse, eat on a leather drum and have your table cloth be your fork? if you answered YES to any of these questions then you need to head on over to an Ethiopian restaurant near you!

Having just moved to NYC from LA, I was sad to find only a few Ethiopian restaurants in the city. For in LA, there is an actual Little Ethiopia on Fairfax and Pico. Blocks and blocks of specialty shops selling all things Ethiopian...and the food...just delish!

In NYC, I happened to find a mouth watering Ethiopian restaurant on the Lower East Side: Meskel Ethiopian Restaurant. 199 E. 3rd st btween Ave A and B.
Cozy, cultural and clean! My 3 favorite things!
You must start with a warm sambusa; which is a fried dough stuffed with lentils or beef, very similar to the Indian Samosa. Then finish off with the traditional vegetarian plate! The table cloth ...HA HA really a sponge bread called Injera that you use to pick up your food with. The bread has a unique texture but a delicious flavor and has practically no gluten and is very good for you! Dip that injera into stewed beans, cabbages, spinach, peas, and everyother veggie imaginable- and with such spicy and savory flavors!

But the most important part is what quences your thirst!

Ehiopians have a famous wine they drink called, Tej. Refered through out the Holy Scriptures as "Mead", it is now bottled and produced in America from pure Honey and under the highest standards of quality using NO SULFITES! The brand I drank at the restaurant was amazing: ShebaTe'j.

Best served chilled, this wine has a perfect balance of sweet notes and a medium body wine that sure accentuates the flavors in the food.

Remember, before drinking the wine, give a great big Ethiopian Cheers and say, "Le Tenachin!" ("To Our Health")

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