Monday, January 18, 2010

Indian Languages at your Finger Tips

Going to India? Or, maybe an Indian restaurant down the street? Here you go! 
Secrets of how to walk in a stranger and leave a friend! Speak their language and show comradery! 

(National language of India)
Hello: Namaste-ji
Thank you: Dhanya-waad
Good bye: Phir Milenge (literally= we will meet again)

(second most common language in North West India, after Hindi)
Hello: Sat Shri Akal
Thank you: Shukriyah
Good bye: Sat Shri Akal

(spoken in western India, Calcutta and Bagladesh - with 230 million Bengali speakers - considered the 5th or 6th most spoken language in the world):
Hello: Nomoshkaar
Thankyou: Dohnobaad
Goodbye: Nomoshkaar

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