Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Thai Angel

I just spent an hour receiving one of the most powerful experiences of spiritual touch. After a long 3 days of moping around, feeling sorry for my current state of flux, and after a grueling yoga class where I couldn't think of anything but pizza "when I am out of class should I get whole wheat organic pizza or go for it at the Shakey's buffet?"
As I left yoga, feeling more tense then before I got there, I headed away from Shakey's, Whole Foods and Target and instead pulled into Nuch Thai Massage. There I was greeted with warm grins and exchanges of broken Thai on my part and high pitched greetings on theirs. They swooped me into the little wooden bed guarded by drapes and served me hot tea. I am used to this treatment there for it is an honor for you to allow them to wash your feet and perform on your body. But this time was different.
As I started my usual attempt to ask her her name and how you say it in Thai we start to play off of each other. She says nice to meet you with no consonants, so I teach her the endings to the words. "Mee" she says, "Meet", Says I. We go back and forth repeating the words and then laugh and move into the bed. As I am getting naked, she tells me that I am 'sexy'. I take a little hic-cup breath and smile with flattered embarrassment. She then makes a circle around my face in the air and says, "beuefu". As a first grade teacher, I say slowly to her, "be u tee fuul".
This is when the angel stepped in!
As we are repeating the word beautiful back and forth, sometimes with no t, I start to see into this moment. Her eyes are penetrating deeper than I was ready to receive, so, of course, I started to cry and attempt to push that word into my heart.
As I was feeding her the word, Beautiful, with confident intention, she was delicately serving me complete and utter love.
I took it all in and after about 3 hallucinating minutes I suddenly realized that in reality, we were actually in a little business next to strange patrons about to get a massage. So we laughed and she kissed me, hugged me and said with the most genuine Thai accent "thank you". With stoned eyes of disbelief and sheer excitement as to what just happened I laid down and blew all of this 'shit' out as she rubbed away the fear. Perfectly ending with her inviting me to Thailand in November, crawling on me as a child climbs on a mother, and whispers "I love you, ok?"

Well, yes, it is ok to love me.

Who can we let in and allow to love us? And where is the closet Thai massage in your city?

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Doing it with a smile, Mario Calderon said...

Yes I am sure you are loved loved the way I love that spicey Thai food yeahaaaaaa