Saturday, March 21, 2009

Healthy Eating is a New Culture

If health, variety and taste are what you want in a restaurant then the cuisine in LA is a perfect match. Health conscious food is also very tasty and trendy in this big beautiful city.
Luckily, vegetarian and vegan food is now tastier than ever.
With this health conscious trend hitting LA, one can indulge in luxury and ease at any of of these restaurants. M Cafe (, where all the beautiful people enjoy a macrobiotic lunch outside on the terrace. A macrobiotic meal is where the food is balanced with just enough carbs and proteins.

Green Leaves, a cozy spot in Los Feliz where the menu is filled with tasty vegan entrees. Indulge in vegan chicken satay, blueberry and banana pancakes. There you will have a typical menu with hamburgers and fries but no animal products are used in the foods.

Euphoria Loves rawevolution (, where every thing is raw, organic, vegan and oh so tasty. Many others include Real Food Daily, where they have a great selection of organic wines, Mesob in little ethiopia on fairfax specializes in its vegetarian feasts and Paru's a southern indian restaurant that has traditional vegetarian courses.

These are the restaurants known for sustaining, health, vitality, outer beauty and inner peace.

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