Monday, August 9, 2010

He first faught with her and then faught for her in 'The Goodbye Girl'

Besides the fabulous-ness of being al fresco in Bryant park on a warm summer night amidst friends, wine and Uno...
The Goodbye Girl is stands alone as one of my favorite movies of all time!

As an actress, a woman, a narotic and mother (even though I do not have children yet...) I could connect to this film in so many ways.

Written as a play by Neil Simon and shot in Manhattan in 1977...its about the ups and downs of struggling actors in Manhattan who fall into each others laps...first of misery and then of love.

Starring Richard Dreyfus (who won an oscar for the role...and was the youngest man to win the Oscar at that time) and Marsha Mason (who was a powerhouse of an real woman and married to Neil Simon) was so well acted, written, choreographed and plotted that I laughed out loud countless times, shed a tear more than twice and related to all characters in the film.

hello! 30 something actors trying to make it in the big city with a heart of gold but no one to share it with...UNTIL...

The Until part is the best. As a woman, Dreyfus was a silly stallion...making the woman laugh and put up her guns all in one breath (as all of us women like to do!)
He first faught with her and then faught for her!!
and every woman wants a man to fight for her...fight to break down the fear barriers we put up simply to survive in this world!

I feel this movie should be seen by everyone...bc its story is sure lived by everyone in that tulmultous and fabulous time of our youth :)

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Shelly said...

Beautiful article! Thank you so much. Great summary of this classic film and experience!! xoxox