Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Heart of Hezbollah

The Heart of Hezbollah

Taking a trip to the middle east the day after the election was postponed and the military took over the city did not scare me.  Walking through the streets of parliament at night with the tents of shiite families protesting, did not make me fear for my life. It did not scare me to eat meat in the fields with Arabic only speaking men while Israeli helicopters loomed over head. What scared me is the feeling of judgements people had while hearing about my trip to Lebanon.

According to some people, my Muslim boyfriend at the time would soon lock me in the house and make me subordinate to him. I even tried to explain how I had the chance to sit with the real people of the villages of south Lebanon and I got to hold their babies and wash my hands in their water and how they are real people who simply want to be safe, warm and happy.

I will never forget one of the women looked at me and said, only a few, not many , only a few are like that. How can a woman say that? Does she really believe that every family that lives in every home in the south of Lebanon are militant, fanatic muslims wanting to start a jihad because they hate the jews and prefer car bombs to baklava? Racist ridiculousness!

The predjucices of the world like this are what keeps up underwater from the truth. The truth is what the sages and scholars have been telling us for centuries. We are all one. But some people are brown and some are light. Some where yamaka’s and some where burka’s. Some chant to Allah and some to Krishna. Every chant, every bite of bread, every hug and every tear all come from the same source, that is the source of the soul. Our souls chose the body, the city, state, mother and father. Our souls know that we are here on this earth for a reason and the only reason is to live the potential of creating harmony with in ourselves so that we can see the world with the harmony of compassion and love. To have compassion for others and to love others is our only purpose. All the rest is up to us to discover and create and we can move mountains with the possibilities with in us. But until we see the world as ourselves, living breathing souls that are on a daily mission of keeping our bodies alive through food and warmth, we will constantly be in the caves of segregation and illimination of the truth and the truth is that we are all one, we are all on this earth together striving for love and harmony.

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This is really beautiful, Ana, thank you.