Friday, March 12, 2010

Golden Earrings

There are few Gypsy-themed films that really showcase the true essence of the Gypsies.

Regardless of what tribe they are or what country of origin they are from...Gypsies are magical!

This film, Golden Earrings (1947), presents the Gypsies as kind, tribal, rambunctious, happy, sensual and loyal...

With the precursor of war looming in the mountains of Germany and Nazi's patrolling the streets, Ralph Denistoun (Ray Milland) an English officer on an espionage mission to recover a poison gas formula. Hungry and tired, he sees a beautiful woman by the banks of the river, crouched down, humming Romanian lullabies and cooking fish stew. Whether it was his necessity or destiny; he united with Lydia the Gypsy, (Marlene Dietrich), along with her tribe as they helped him escape out of Germany and back to Great Britian. After recounting his story to a stranger on a plane, he discovers that his true happiness lies with the loving, spontaneous, unattached and wild.
So he heads back to Germany to be with Lydia- adorned in his sacred Golden Earrings.

This film depicted that though the stereotypes of Gypsies can sometimes be true: there is a reason to their madness and beauty in their reasoning. Music always fills the air, women and men dancing, children smiling, food cooking, elders laughing and freedom boiling in their veins. These are their archetypal gifts they share with us, in our modern day society of heavy expectations, extreme attachments and decline in family values. We can now look to the beauty of the Gypsies and see how we can create our own tribe of like minded, free spirited people who above all else are loyal and know how to have a good time!

yalla Yalla YEE HA!
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