Monday, October 19, 2009

Gypsy Health Tips

These are a few health tips that I want to share with you in this so called “FLU” season. Remember, it’s about prevention…and every day we can do little things that can make a big difference in our health and wellness. Here is what I am doing:

1.    A Friend of a Vegetable is a Friend of Mine
I am choosing a vegan diet this season for a few reasons:
a.    To purify my body from dairy. Dairy builds up flim in my body and I just feel better when I don’t consume that delicious gooey yummy cheese. I notice that I breathe better and sh*t better…and those are two crucial things for me.
b.    BC I do not feel right supporting the treatment of animals in the slaughterhouses in this country. The book, “Skinny Bitch”, really made an impact on me and I say it is a ‘must read’ for anyone.
c.    Saving money. I used to go to town at Whole Foods buying organic meats and cheese from around the world…now I can see that my bill is significantly lower wherever I dine and shop.
d.    And last but certainly not least, when I eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains, I feel better! My body soaks up the nutrients and it shows in my eyes, skin, lips and hips! (a little secret, I have lost 15lbs since I have become vegan…ye ha!)

2.    Okie Blow!!
Besides cutting out dairy (Sorry Pink Berry…it was fun while it lasted!) I am the Netty Pot Queen! Every morning I flush out these beautiful big wind tunnels that keep my body going. BC if not, we can get a lot of toxic buildup in our nostrils that can spread to our inner body and create havoc on our immune system. Plus, it feels so good to breathe freely!

3.    Sea Salt Swishing
Everyday I gargle with warm water and sea salt to rinse out any impurities in my mouth and to cleanse, refresh and release! Its not just for when you have a sore throat….it’s about prevention

4.    A little Exercise Goes a Long Way
Believe me, sometimes there is nothing harder than having to get out of the warm cozy bed on a cold dreary morning and go to the gym. But after that first 10 minutes of cardio…you body starts to feel great. Not only are you starting to sweat out impurities, you are working your heart, balancing your energy, clearing your mind and pumping in some good hormones that make it a great day. Even if it’s a simple 20 minute work out…that is good enough!

5.    Yoga for the Soul
In this world of bad news on every station, it’s hard to keep a smile in a troublesome world. Taking a few minutes out of my day to honor my body does wonders to my mood! Whether it’s a home practice or in a studio, yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul and shifts your vibration to a higher level, relaxes and energizes your body and brings peace to the mind so that a smile can appear more often than fear! Mark Whitwell’s book, “The Heart of Yoga” is all about creating your personal practice in your own space.

6.    Sweat it Out Baby!
If you happen to live in a city with Korean Spa’s, Russian baths, or Moroccan Hamam’s…lucky you! If not, get thee to the steam room at your gym. Oh how wonderful it is to sweat out the stress of the day! My pores open up, my muscles relax and my body melts into the healing heat of the sauna. No wonder people have been basking in sweat lodges for centuries…it heals!

7.    Lave sus Manos!
Yep. This one is easy. Wash your hands a lot and also clean your phone, computer, re-usable water bottle, and remote…germs live everywhere so clean them and go on with your day. Don’t become neurotic about it…just wash and go

8.    Affirmations!
This one is super important to me. When someone says, “Are you sick?” and even though I might be feeling a little under the weather, I always respond by saying, “My body is healing itself”. That is something wonderful to repeat anyway, everyday, something like; “Thank you for my healing, my health, my happiness…”

9.    To Thine Own Self Be True!
Listen to your body. If you feel like sleeping in, sleep. If you feel like drinking something warm, heat it up and sip. If you feel like having a delicious bowl of hearty pasta or grains, mange´! Our bodies are our own best doctors and we need to get back in touch with them. Dr. Oz is a great resource, but we need to be our own healers and honor where we are and listen to what signals we receive so that we can nourish what needs tending to.

10. Beverages of Choice!
There are really only 3 things that I drink: Water, Tea and Red Wine. I gulp filtered water everyday for the obvious reasons and my body thanks me for it. Tea is packed with antioxidants and herbs that aid in digestion and stimulate energy inside and out! And lastly is that good ole’ wine. This Gypsy lady has had her fun with Vodka, her wild nights in Oklahoma with beer and the sophisticated tastings of Scotch, but now I can really only drink one thing with a clear conscious and no hangover: Red wine  For many reasons, like the fact that its packed with resveratrol and healing antioxidants, but also because it is closest to the earth and stars. Bacchus sends me secrets every time I sip in sweet moderation.  One of the best wines I have had lately is an Organic Malbec priced at $12 called, ‘Yellow+Blue’.

These Gypsy Health Tips are some simple things that I have found inspiring to create in my everyday life and I wanted to share them with you. Remember, being a Gypsy is not only living an unconventional way of life, traveling for work and having a creative spirit…its also about survival, instincts and going back to our roots by listening to our bodies and our hearts more than anything else. Stay true to you!

Keeping it in the Caravan!
America’s Gypsy


Dino said...

These are great comments! I retain information better when I get it in list form. Ever heard of a website called Zen Habits? They are known for their mind and body health-related lists.

farzad said...

Thank you American gypsy. i can sure use these tips here in Africa.